Sherman Library and Gardens


Sherman Library & Gardens is a 2.2 acre Corona del Mar horticultural retreat. The Gardens provide a museum of living plants, displayed amidst a setting of immaculate gardens, patios and conservatories linked together by wide brick walkways, beds blooming with seasonal flowers and bubbling tile fountains.

The botanical collections of the Gardens, in their geographical origins, span the globe..... ranging from plant life of the desert regions to exotic vegetation of tropical climes.

The Gardens provide a museum of living plants, displayed amidst a setting of fountains and sculptures and an abundance of seasonal flowers. The Gardens provide a tranquil environment simply to be enjoyed for the beauty or, if desired, a place to observe and study firsthand plant life from various parts of the world.

The Cactus and Succulent Garden surrounds a large California pepper tree. Stepping inside the warm, moist Tropical Conservatory with orchids, heliconias and gingers in full bloom is like a visit to the Pacific Islands. And don't forget to check out the size of the koi: there are more than a dozen of the carp. The Rose Garden features an array of colorful and scented blooming plants, while the cool atmosphere of the Fern Grotto exhibits the bold greenery of several forty-year-old hanging staghorn ferns. A bo tree, considered sacred by Hindus and Buddhists, resides in the Japanese Garden. The Herb Garden boasts a variety of herbs, including chocolate and orange-mint, tri-color and society garlic.

While the botanical garden has its technical importance, colorful annuals are emphasized with the seasonal changing of several large flower beds and containers throughout the Gardens. The mild coastal climate is ideal for maintaining an abundant variety of flowering plants all year long.

Horticulturists and avid gardeners find Sherman Gardens a paradise. Though the plant collections are quite broad in scope, the design of the gardens enables visitors to view this botanical diversity in a reasonably short time. Many plants are labeled as to their place of origin and their generic family and common names.